EnMasse is an open source project for managed, self-service messaging on Kubernetes, and provides a uniform interface to manage different underlying messaging technologies. EnMasse can run on your own infrastructure or in the cloud, and simplifies running a messaging infrastructure for your organization.

The service admin can deploy and manage messaging infrastructure, while tenants can request messaging resources, both using cloud-native APIs and tools.


  • Built-in authentication and authorization of clients and identity management
  • Runs on Kubernetes: deploy on-premise or in the cloud
  • Different messaging patterns like request-response, pub-sub and events
  • Decouple operation of infrastructure from configuration and use by applications
  • Integration with Eclipse Hono to support multiple IoT protocols, device and tenant management

EnMasse can be used for many purposes, such as moving your messaging infrastructure to the cloud without depending on a specific cloud provider, building a scalable messaging backbone for IoT, or just as a cloud-ready version of a message broker.


EnMasse releases are available for download on our GitHub page. The release artifacts contain YAML files and Ansible playbooks for deployment on OpenShift and Kubernetes. Docker images used in the releases are published to Docker Hub.

Latest release:


Older releases can be found in the Downloads page.


Documentation can be found on the Documentation page.

Getting help


If you’ve got some great ideas and use cases for EnMasse, we would love to hear them!

  • Raise issues on GitHub.
  • Read the Hacking guide for details on how to build EnMasse.
  • Fix issues by opening Pull Requests


EnMasse is licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0