EnMasse is an open source messaging platform, with focus on scalability and performance. EnMasse can run on your own infrastructure or in the cloud, and simplifies the deployment of messaging infrastructure.

The EnMasse project that aims to create, as a community, an open source messaging platform that runs on Kubernetes and OpenShift, using open standards like AMQP and MQTT etc. EnMasse is based on other open source projects like Apache ActiveMQ Artemis, Apache Qpid Dispatch Router and finally the Vert.x toolkit.

Overall architecture

Taking a look at 40000 feet, the overall architecture is made of :

  • a Qpid Dispatch Router network for allowing clients connection, “direct” messaging and components communication on AMQP
  • from zero to more ActiveMQ Artemis brokers for providing “store and forward” capabilities
  • an MQTT gateway for providing connection to remote MQTT clients
  • an admin component for handling the overall deployment



  • Multiple communication patterns: request-response, pub-sub and events
  • Support for store and forward and direct messaging mechanisms
  • Elastic scaling of message brokers
  • AMQP and MQTT support
  • Simple setup, management and monitoring.
  • Multitenancy: Manage multiple independent instances
  • Built on Kubernetes/OpenShift: deploy on-premise or in the cloud

EnMasse can be used for many purposes, such as moving your messaging infrastructure to the cloud (without depending on a specific cloud provider) or building a scalable messaging backbone for IoT.

For more information, see the github repository. To get started with EnMasse, have a look at the Getting Started guides.